Sten Gun and Other Submachine Guns DVDFrom the MP18 to the Sterling Development of the Submachine Gun, World renowned Sten gun authority Peter Laidler is the star of a new specialist DVD about the history of the Sten and other submachine guns. From its formative days, when the Sten MK I prototype was created in just a week by Harold Turpin and Vernon Shepherd, to the deluxe paratrooper Sten Gun MK V, Peter reveals fascinating inside stories about the gun that played such a crucial role during the Second World War.  

DVD Region:  2
Running Time:  approx. 100 mins
Price:   £9.99 

John Hutchins, also an expert armourer, explains the development of the German MP series of submachine guns and Assault Rifle. Other submachine guns featured include the American Thompson Submachine Gun, the M3 Grease Gun, the Australian Owen gun and the Russian PPSh 41 and 43 as well as George Patchett's masterpiece, the Sterling Submachine Gun MK IV. Also features strip downs and rate of fire comparisons.