Brendan is the main cameraman for Tommy Atkins Media.

He has previously taught cinematography at University. Brendan has produced films for the Ministry of Defence and worked for the Royal Armouries and written interpretations for various museums. He has also undertaken commercial work for the BBC and ITV.


Larry has had a career in sales and marketing for over forty years. During this time he had military training with the 43rd Wessex R.E.M.E. Division and also spent time in South Africa where he was attached to a Reserve Commando Unit.

Larry spent 45 years gathering information on small arms weapons, including 15 years research into the Lee Enfield Rifle.


After training as a photographer at Reading, I joined the Department of the Environment in the early eighties before transferring to the Royal Armaments Research and Development Establishment at Chertsey as a camera man in the weapons trials and development branch. In the 90’s I moved from the photographic department to a scientific posting dealing with threat weapon systems about the time of the first Gulf War. I left the Ministry in 2004 after 22 years service attaining the rank of higher scientific officer, attached to the weapons office of the Defence Intelligence Service in order to start my own business in antique and classic weapons. I opened Kings Shilling Antiques in April 2004 located at the historic NRA rifle range at Bisley where I am still based today. After brief appearances on TV as a ‘gun expert’ with Rik Mayall in ’Violent Nation’ and with Time Team’s Guy De La Bedoyere in ‘My Famous Family’. Subsequently I fell in with the Tommy Atkins Media crew and the rest is history!!!


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